Museum Acquires my Photographs

I am excited to be part of this wonderful museum. Somehow I managed to live in CT for many years without discovering this gem in New Britain. My first visit, less than a year ago, surprised me with a wide selection of beautiful paintings, sculpture and other artwork. I have made numerous visits since then. More than I’ve noticed at most other museums, the exhibits are constantly changing, the work on the walls from the New Britain Museum of American Art’s permanent collection is constantly being refreshed.

Among my favorite exhibits there right now is Hudson River Paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which will hang through November 2010. M.C. Escher: Impossible Reality (up through November 14, 2010) is a fascinating look at the evolution of Escher’s work and includes 130 pieces.

A sculpture exhibit entitled Meticulous Masterpieces: Contemporary Art by Dalton Ghetti, Les Lourigan and Jennifer Maestre includes the alphabet carved into pencil points and some fascinating sculptures made of colored pencils woven together into “creature and nature-inspired” figures. Impossible to describe, these should be examined closely!

My works now in the NBMAA collection (not currently on exhibit – but I’ll be sure to post an announcement when they are) are all black and white prints, 5 from my Iowa project and 1 each from central Pennsylvania and upstate New York.Lorenzo Webber House #1

The New Britain Museum of American Art has just acquired seven photographs of mine for its permanent collection.

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    September 16, 2010

    Bronwen Roberts

    Hi David,

    I’m a recent grad and (budding) photographer in the area. I work at the Caseus Fromagerie where I get to see your lovely photos every day.

    I’ve very much enjoyed your website. Not just seeing more of your photos, which are stunning, but reading your posts, which I feel like I can really relate to (esp. the one about photographer-restricted areas, a problem I’m constantly dealing with myself).

    I’m glad to see that the work you do is getting recognized, and that in this image-overloaded world, certain photographs still stand out above the rest.


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